Can yohimbine be combined with Viagra, and what are the (side) effects?

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I was careful trying the combination of yohimbine and Viagra, but I am glad I did. This is one of the few cases where a combination clearly is superior to either of the drugs alone.

I started combining 5 to 10 milligram yohimbine with 10 to 20 milligram Viagra, and the results were surprisingly good; they were definitely better than the results for Viagra alone.

While Viagra alone may be a reliable agent in bringing about an erection, even in men who otherwise cannot achieve one, Viagra has far less mental effect than does yohimbine. If the aim is making good sex better, and not just making intercourse possible, then yohimbine alone has an edge over Viagra alone.

However, as stated above, I have found the combination of a regular dose of yohimbine with a comparatively small dose of Viagra a surprisingly pleasant experience. Though for both medications, heart problems are cited as possible side effects, I myself did not experience any complications. The Viagra just resulted in a very quick and lasting erectile reflex, while the yohimbine provided the usual mental and physical sexual tenseness as a base on which to start with. The effects of Viagra wore off faster than those of the yohimbine (Viagra = 6 to 8 hours, yohimbine around 20 hours).

I have tried to increase the Viagra component in the combination but achieved no better results. When going up to 50 milligram of Viagra, I actually seem to have weaker orgasms than on some 20 milligram. The 20 milligram of Viagra in combination with the yohimbine already provide an erection that doesn't leave much to be desired, so any further attempts could only target orgasm strength. To that end, reducing the Viagra to some 20 milligram is actually helpful.

On the other hand, further increasing the yohimbine component gives me tachycardia (increased heartbeat), which I'd like to avoid if possible. In the case of combining yohimbine with Viagra, I was lucky to have found the combination that works best for me right in my first trial.

Please note: Viagra alone is a disappointment for me; it produces an erection all right, but an erection alone doesn't result in desire, and without increased desire, intercourse is boring.

I am not a physician. Therefore, my report on my own experience is not intended as medical advice. I myself meanwhile have a good tolerance for yohimbe / yohimbine. Still, in between Viagra and yohimbine, the latter is more likely to cause unpleasant side effects. Whoever intends to experiment with a combination of Viagra and yohimbine should start with very low dosages of both medications, just to see how well they are tolerated.

While both yohimbine and Viagra are prescription medications in the US and some other countries, I am not aware of physicians commonly prescribing the two in tandem. They should.

It also doesn't seem as if Pfizer would have done studies of the two drugs in combination, or that the FDA would have required such studies. Pfizer's interest is obviously in marketing Viagra, not in promoting another therapeutic agent, yohimbine.

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